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Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) Certificate Program

As part of the AIChE’s Doing a World of Good campaign and in conjunction with the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), industry and academia have come together to launch a major global initiative to improve and accelerate process safety education at the university level.

Process safety is an important but often overlooked aspect of a chemical engineer’s early and continuing education. When working in chemical engineering, it’s simply not possible to learn by trial and error when the error can have catastrophic or dangerous implications.

That's why we’ve completely updated and redesigned the SAChE Certificate Program with new interactive learning modules and a dynamic curriculum that makes incorporating process safety education easy, engaging and free.

Free for students, professors and schools. Great for careers, the profession and the planet!

A note to professors/educators: There are many permutations to integrate these modules into your Engineering curriculums.  The report below is one recommended layout that you may find useful:

SAChE Courses Recommendations for Chemical Engineering Curriculum

Level One (Basic) Curriculum

The first series of courses in the program should be taken when students have reached their sophomore year and before they go into internships. These courses are meant to provide students with a foundational knowledge of process safety that will serve as a basis for the rest of the curricula.

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Level Two (Intermediate) Curriculum

Level two elaborates on the concepts learned in level one, provides more technical background, and examines how the concepts are applied to real-world situations. These courses are designed to be taken at the senior level when students are enrolled in upper-level chemical engineering courses and are preparing to graduate.

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Level Three (Advanced) Curriculum & Additional Classes

Intended for senior-level students, level three courses are the most advanced. These courses explore process safety topics in more depth and detail than the level two courses do and cover issues of concern in specific industries and areas of specialization. Students’ career paths will influence which courses are applicable. Educators may choose to require students to take some or all of the level 3 courses.

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Giving Back

Donations small and large make a difference, and remember all gifts to the AIChE Foundation are tax-deductible. Your gift will allow student members to seek and earn their SAChE certification, ensuring process safety is put into practice on Day 1 post-graduation. Learn more about AIChE's Doing a World of Good campaign.

Getting Started

Register for courses anytime. No application is required. Courses are free for AIChE Undergraduate Members. Not a member? Sign up for a free AIChE Undergraduate Membership here. If you experience problems, please contact Customer Service at or by phone 800.242. 4363 (203.702. 7660 outside the US).

Professors and faculty members: please contact Jing Chen at for a promo code to access all SAChE Certificate Program courses at no charge.

Earning a Certificate

SAChE certificates are valued by industry; therefore they can and should be added to students’ resumes. After completing each of the SAChE courses, you will be able to access your safety certificate online.


SAChE Certificate courses are recommended for all undergraduate students in chemical, mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as in chemistry. This material is also beneficial to early career professionals in industrial settings.

We're on a mission

To transform process safety education.

SAChE Content for Faculty

We attempt to put the materials in an easy to use format, and modifications can be made to the materials to fit the circumstances.

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