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Researchers Make First Electrical Contact with Molecules In the beginning, there were room-sized computers. Over the course of mere decades, they shrank down to bulky desktops and suitcase-sized laptops. Pagers turned into chunky mobile phones by...

Catalyzing Commercialization: Unlocking the Power of RNA Interference for Insect Pest Management

Catalyzing Commercialization
In recent decades, insects have become more resistant to pesticides. As resistance becomes more widespread, the agricultural biotechnology sector has sought viable alternatives to curtail the huge economic losses associated with insect pests. One of these alternative approaches, called RNA interference (RNAi), could be used to kill pests by silencing genes that are critical for their survival.

Single-Cell Epigenomic Technology and Applications

SBE Special Section
Chongli Yuan, Li Lin, Ana Carneiro, Junkai Xie
This article highlights developments in single-cell epigenomic monitoring and modulating tools, as well as advances in synthetic epigenetic circuits. These tools are used in important biomedical and industrial applications.