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New Products: November 2018

New Products
Bioprocessing Sensor Performs Real-Time Cell Monitoring CITSens MeMo is an electrochemical, enzyme-based sensor that allows continuous online, in situ measurement of glucose and lactate. It is designed for use in cell culture media as well as in...

Technical Entity Trends: The Food Industry Responds to Consumer Demands

Technical Entity Trends
Sean Liu
Consumers have grown used to having information at their fingertips, which has bred greater awareness about healthy eating and demand for transparency. The food industry must contend with global population growth that will require increased output,...

CEP: News Update

News Update
Researchers Make First Electrical Contact with Molecules In the beginning, there were room-sized computers. Over the course of mere decades, they shrank down to bulky desktops and suitcase-sized laptops. Pagers turned into chunky mobile phones by...

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