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CCPS Mining, Minerals, and Metals (MMM) Meetings


Mining, Minerals, and Metals Subcommittee is created by the Common effort by CCPS member companies involved in locating, excavating, and processing metals, minerals, and other geological resources. The objectives of the MMM Subcommittees is to:

  1. Support mining and metallurgic industry around the world, using the CCPS Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) as foundation.
  2. Identify challenges and provide guidelines and tools to the MMM industry to fill the gaps on those areas not covered by current RBP framework.
  3. Sharing best practices – learning from each other (Looking for volunteers to present)


MMM (Mining, Minerals, and Metals) Open Webinar

On behalf of the CCPS, we would like to invite you to attend our next MMM (Mining Minerals and Metals) Webinar on June 13, 2024. This event is open to the industry community as part of CCPS' effort to prevent major accidents through promoting lifelong learning as well as continuous improvement...