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Multiple Training Formats

AIChE's ILI offers a variety of flexible formats for your organizational training.

Instructor-led Training

Offered onsite or virtually, instructor-led (face-to-face) training offers your employees an opportunity to work with experts to answer questions, share knowledge and real-world experience, and participate in valuable group discussions.

Bulk eLearning

Provides on-demand access for your employees that fits within their schedule. Bulk eLearning provides a uniform training experience that will provide your staff with a universal level in learning new skills.

Blended Learning

Combine online training resources with direct one-on-one access to an expert in the field and enable your employees to ask questions and get immediate feedback.

Customized Programs

Develop a customized education program to ensure your curriculum meets your company’s goals.

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AIChE training allows us to reach global teams with quality eLearning, which helps drive consistency for safety critical roles. The training can be paced to suit the user and has meaningful validation tests upon completion. This adds value for us.
Steven Murphy, Head of Process Safety, Syngenta

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Topic Areas Include

  • Process safety
  • Chemical Engineering Practice
  • Computing and Systems Engineering
  • Biological Engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Professional Development
  • Modular Chemical Process Intensification
  • Hydrogen Safety

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Recruitment Opportunities

You can advertise your company’s career opportunities through our AIChE’s job board and in CEP Magazine. You can also showcase your company in front of hundreds of members at our recruitment fairs.

The Institute for Learning & Innovation

Learners of all ages need to keep pace with evolving skill requirements from college to the workplace. AIChE’s new institute will provide students and professionals the opportunity to learn and innovate through collaboration, practice and discovery.

With AIChE Career Discovery®, we'll help you to identify aptitudes and skills you’ll need in order to achieve your full potential at various career stages.

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AIChE Academy is the definitive resource for engineers to acquire or sharpen their skills with courses and webinars in chemical engineering and related fields.

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AIChE Credential validates your proficiency with potential employers in areas such as process intensification, safety, sustainability and others.

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AIChE Practice+ provides learners with opportunities to work on real-world challenges through industry internships and competitions.

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