Want to be an Entrepreneur? Personal Stories From Three Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Traveled This Path. | AIChE

Want to be an Entrepreneur? Personal Stories From Three Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Traveled This Path.

Part of the Diversity and Equity Accelerator through Learning for Startups (DEALS) Initiative.

Diving into entrepreneurship from chemical engineering may sound daunting, but it can also be exciting and exactly the right path for you. Join this webinar where you’ll meet and learn from three successful entrepreneurs who’ve successfully done it. 

Do you have a start-up idea? Are you thinking about launching a small business? Do you see yourself as a start-up disruptor? Before you take the plunge, attend this webinar. You’ll meet and learn from three experienced entrepreneurs as they walk through their journeys and how they succeeded despite the inevitable uncertainty and challenges.

Join the conversation. You’ll be inspired. Take away valuable insider insights that will help you take the next steps as you bring your vision to life. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to start your entrepreneurial journey
  • How to prepare and handle the uncertainties and challenges ahead
  • Adopt a lean methodology from the start
  • How to shape your initial start-up idea into something customers truly need 

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