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Editorial: Resolve to Better the Planet

Elizabeth Pavone
Much like New Year’s, spring is a time many of us resolve to improve. After spending winter indoors, it feels natural to celebrate the season of renewal by overhauling our homes. We dust, organize, and clear out clutter, bagging piles in trash bags...

CEP: News Update

News Update
Using Bacteria to Kill Bacteria: A Clean Water Solution In villages and cities around the world, families drink from unclean water and bathe in muddied pools. More than 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water sources, and at least 2...

Optimize Plant Water Use from Your Desk

Computational Methods
Dominic C. Y. Foo, P.E.
Water pinch analysis and mathematical programming can be carried out using only a spreadsheet to determine the optimal water system for your plant. Examples, including a shale gas to ethylene process, illustrate the concepts.