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Estimating Air Emission Rates

Environmental Management
Marc Karell, P. E.
Stack testing, material balances, emission factors, and engineering equations are the most common methods that can be used to estimate air emissions.

Catalyzing Commercialization: A Graphene-Based Sensor Monitors Water Quality in Real Time

Catalyzing Commercialization
The devastating water crisis in Flint, MI, brought into focus the widespread issues plaguing U.S. water supply systems. As the water infrastructure continues to age, distribution pipes are deteriorating, potentially leaching toxic heavy metals and other contaminants into drinking water. Upgrading U.S. water systems will take years and trillions of dollars. In the meantime, to safeguard public health, it is crucial to monitor heavy metals and other contaminants throughout the water supply — particularly at the point of use.

Technical Entity Trends: Engineering a Sustainable World

Technical Entity Trends
Lucy Alexander
The United Nations (UN) led a global effort to develop 17 ambitious sustainable development goals (SDGs) that tackle some of the greatest challenges facing people and the planet. These goals (see box) were adopted by a majority of countries around the world in 2015, including the U.S.