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Hydrogen Incident Recovery Guide

The Hydrogen Safety Panel recently released the Hydrogen Incident Recovery Guide. It provides practical guidance with a checklist to help an organization recover from a hydrogen incident and return to normal operations after the event scene has been stabilized and returned to the organization by the incident commander.

Free Hydrogen Lab Safety Course

The Center for Hydrogen Safety has created a lab safety course focused on specific safety aspects of working with hydrogen in the lab. This course is free for anyone to take and covers: 

  • General laboratory safety culture 
  • Identification, prevention, and mitigation of hydrogen hazards
  • Specific design considerations for hydrogen laboratories and experimental equipment
  • Safety and Emergency planning

CHS Member Companies

Hydrogen Safety Education

As the number of producers and end-users of hydrogen grows, the Center for Hydrogen Safety is committed to providing resources to educate them on the safe handling of this critical energy carrier. The Center has created eLearning courses specific to hydrogen safety, webinars on pertinent topics, and leveraged AIChE's deep portfolio of process safety resources to meet that commitment.

CHS First Responders Micro Training Learning Plan

Increasing availability and adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) presents new safety challenges for First Responders (FR). The Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) in collaboration with AIChE has developed a microtraining learning plan as part of the Hydrogen Safety for First Responders training. This 4-part multimedia course aims to better inform incident responders and support the safe handling and use of hydrogen in a variety of fuel cell applications.

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