Process Safety Summaries

Summaries are provided as public information available to engineers working in process safety. It is noted where there is a related book.

The Business Case for Process Safety

SINCE 1985, The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) has helped manufacturers, insurers, government, academia, and consultants work togetherto improve process safety. CCPS and its members are committed to protecting employees, communities, and the environment by eveloping engineering and management practices to prevent or mitigate catastrophic releases of chemicals, hydrocarbons, and other hazardous materials. A BUSINESS CASE for process safety should not be necessary. The need to protect workers, the community, and the environment is as obvious as the need to protect market share, provide & protect shareholder value, and make payroll. But with the many daily demands of business, the obvious can sometimes be left behind. When a company leaves process safety behind, they miss significant financial and organizational benefits described in this publication.

[Summary] Are You Prepared for the Coming Economic Recovery?

This document serves to alert the petrochemical industry to the impending problems that may be encountered during the economic recovery, to encourage planning and address resource gaps, and to review existing PS systems to verify their ability to handle the influx of changes that will occur.

[Summary] Recovery from Natural Disasters

This document analyzes and presents, in a “how to use” format, the past experiences and successes of various CCPS member companies, their “Lessons Learned,” and advice on how to prepare for and recover from a natural disaster...