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CCPS Significant Process Safety Incidents

This video series is a summary of significant process safety incidents during a given year. The purpose of maintaining awareness and sharing process safety incidents each year is to promote the Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) approach to lessons learned and to encourage the industry to maintain a sense of vulnerability. Monographs associated with these videos can be found here.

7-minute Seminar Series

CCPS created the 7-minute seminar with the goal of creating a large database of short seven minute videos that quickly inform a plant manager, engineer or operator about a specific piece of equipment. In 7 minutes professionals can have a “Take two for Safety” where they will review the mechanics and science behind the equipment of interest. This reference database will help eliminate simple mistakes caused by employees which lead to mechanical failures and potentially bigger catastrophes.

Risk Not Chance

Learn about risk awareness with the Risk not Chance videos sponsored by the UEF. Available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Managing Human Error Video

3 DVDs and Support Materials on CD - is probably the world’s most widely used multimedia resource for addressing human error in high-hazard industries.

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