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CCPSC: CCPS Process Safety Professional Certification

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Introducing CCPSC - The CCPS Process Safety Professional Certification Designation

CCPS has established a professional credential for process safety practitioners – the Certified Process Safety Professional (CCPSC).  This certification program benefits the process safety professional, their company or clients, and the industry in general through recognizing and encouraging the enhancement of process safety expertise.  Certification enables the CCPSC to stand apart from non-certified process safety professionals.

The CCPSC certification process is based on an assessment of educational and career experience and a rigorous examination.  Successful CCPSCs must then maintain their knowledge and expertise through relevant continuing professional development activities.  While CCPSC certification alone is not sufficient to determine competence for a particular individual for a particular piece of work, it can be valuable input for those seeking to evaluate the professional qualifications of an employee or candidate.

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