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What is the Beacon

Sponsored and produced by CCPS, the Process Safety Beacon is a resource aimed at delivering process safety messages to plant operators and other manufacturing personnel. The monthly one-page newsletter covers the breadth of process safety topics. Each issue presents a real-life accident, and describes the lessons learned and practical means to prevent a similar accident in your plant. With an estimated distribution of a million readers, the Beacon is CCPS’ most widely read publication.

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How is the Beacon used?

The aim of the Beacon is to provide a regular message for manufacturing personnel. This is a monthly offering, but is dependent upon the input of users like you. By sharing these messages, based upon actual incidents from companies, the content is more meaningful to operation personnel. The Beacon format is a one-page flyer with an eye-catching title, picture, or graphic depicting an incident, text explaining the incident, the impact, how the error was corrected, and the lessons learned. While you may not have the same equipment of chemicals in your sites, the lessons learned are meant to be universal. Also, a single incident may have several causes and therefore more lessons than what can be highlighted in a single Beacon.

How to submit a Beacon idea

To keep this process safety tool operating, we need a supply of "raw material". We need a copy of incidents from your companies that have process safety lesson(s). (Please no personnel safety incidents that do not have a process safety connection.) Do not worry about the format. All we need is a picture (if possible) that depicts the incident, and 2-3 paragraphs explaining briefly what happened, why it happened, how it was corrected, and what were the lessons learned. Any reference to your company will be removed from the message. Submit the package to CCPS electronically ( ) and a CCPS staff person will do the final formatting and editing. If you like, you can review the final draft of the Beacon to make sure it is correct before CCPS sends it out to the users.

What languages is Beacon translated in?

All translations are done by volunteers who give their time and talent to supporting this publication. Our thanks go out to these volunteers. We usually publish the Beacon in the following languages:

  • Afrikaans
  • Arabic
  • Catalan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Filipino
  • French and Canadian French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Gujarati
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Marathi
  • Mongolian
  • Persian (Farsi)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Telugu
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

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How to access Beacon archives

Process Safety Beacons Archive includes all Beacons and can be searched and filtered. The full archive is available to everyone to download and share. 

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  • How to Ensure You Receive CCPS Bulk Email Communications

After three months of rejections, your e-mail is removed from our system. If you have receipt problems, please check into these possible causes. I cannot correct them for you. You will have to make the necessary corrections. Feel free to let me know about any other receipt problems that you have.

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If you're interested in the Beacon, contact Jing Chen, Senior Engineering Specialist, CCPS

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Giving Back

Publication of the Process Safety Beacon is made possible through the generous support of advertisers and individual donors. To make a donation please contact CCPS at or by phone at 646-495-1371.