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Process Safety Metrics

Identifying and using relevant process safety metrics over the life of a process is one of four elements in the RBPS pillar of Learning from Experience

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Leading and Lagging Indicators to Improve Process Safety Performance

Companies continuously improving their process safety performance should select, implement, and monitor company-specific process safety metrics for leading and lagging indicators. In 2021, CCPS member companies completed their review and update of the CCPS process safety metrics guidance.

The updated Guide is for those who wish to prevent major process safety events—incidents, accidents—by evaluating trends within their company’s process safety systems. Measuring and monitoring process safety metrics helps companies identify and improve weaknesses in these systems. Trends in these metrics are used to help reduce process safety risks, especially helping reduce associated hazardous consequences that can cause injuries, fatalities, environmental harm, asset and property damage, business interruption, and adversely affect a company’s reputation.

Leading and lagging indicators apply to any company that manages, uses, and stores hazardous materials or energies. Hazardous chemicals, for example, can be toxic, flammable, explosive, or corrosive. Dusts may be combustible and lead to explosions. Plant-based materials may be subject to microbial risks. The industries that can benefit from this Guide include:

  • chemicals
  • petrochemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas (including terminals, pipelines, storage, and distribution facilities)
  • mining
  • paper
  • food
  • ammonia refrigeration
  • plastic and resins manufacturing and molding
  • electronics
  • water and wastewater treatment

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Translated Guidance for Leading and Lagging Indicators 

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