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The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) publications focus on engineering and management practices that help prevent and mitigate catastrophic process safety accidents. CCPS provides the latest guidelines for all those that produce, store, and handle flammable, explosive and reactive materials. With this information, large and small companies can measure their  own practices against today’s best, accepted industry practices and can operate facilities more safely to protect employees, neighbors, and the environment.

Who will find this information helpful?

  • Chemical and process engineers designing chemical processes
  • Technicians who operate and maintain process equipment
  • Safety and health managers and industrial engineers who must meet regulatory and industry standards of worker and environmental safety
  • Factory/warehouse managers who oversee the handling of reactive materials

We are pleased to announce that Knovel ( offers the largest standalone collection of CCPS content available by subscription. The package currently includes over 110 resources, with several titles that contain importable Excel data. Included in the collection are all CCPS Guidelines and Concepts titles including:

All CCPS Guidelines and Concepts titles including:

  • Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis (2nd Edition)
  • Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Systems
  • Guidelines for Initiating Events and Independent Protection Layers in Layer
  • Layer of Protection Analysis

The CCPS Process Safety Beacon from – from 2000 to present

The Global Congress on Process Safety (GCPS) complete from 2011 - present

  • Loss Prevention Symposia (LPS) from 2000 - present
  • International Conference and Workshop (CCPS) from 2000 - present

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As a CCPS member, your organization is entitled to a 35% discount to the CCPS on Knovel collection. For more information about subscribing to the CCPS collection on Knovel, contact Knovel directly at