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The Book of Beacons is an ongoing project intended to use the accumulated information contained in the Process Safety Beacons as the basis to expand the applications of the available knowledge. It provides a deeper analysis of each Beacon topic and provides additional information to be considered, not only as crew meeting topics for the frontline workers but to encourage learning and discussion among other groups of employees and contractors. It is available as a flipbook format, which is a searchable database that provides material for the creation of focused messages for an audience or a circumstance. 

To learn more about the function of CCPS Book of Beacons please read the paper "The Book of Beacons: An Improved Resource for Learning Process Safety Lessons" presented at the 18th Global Congress on Process Safety by John W. Herber, CCPS Consultant. 

Note: The Book of Beacons is available for CCPS member company employees (view all member company logo here), therefore you need to log in to your CCPS account to access the flipbook. 

***If you work for a CCPS Member Company and do not have a login account yet, create one here

Please do check back on this page frequently to ensure you have the most up-to-date Book of Beacons as the flipbook will be updated periodically with new contents. 

If you have questions related to how to access the book of beacons, contact Jing Chen, Principal Engineering Specialist, CCPS


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