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The Early Career Community (ECC) provides AIChE members with a space to assemble and empower early career members within chemical engineering and related fields. This community allows for networking, problem solving, new perspectives on career paths, informal mentorship, and so much more. The ECC is your first home after earning your chemical engineering or related degree, where you’ll find many opportunities to engage and build camaraderie as you set off on your career path – however it starts.

Being a part of the ECC offers the opportunity to broaden your viewpoint while participating in volunteer and leadership roles outside of your day-to-day job or graduate program and connects you to curated technical content and opportunities to present research.

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What's in it for you

Join our dynamic and inclusive Early Career Community for people in chemical engineering and related fields as well as those who support these members’ growth. Our network provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals in the field, fostering both new connections and the strengthening of existing ones. Additionally, the AIChE Early Career Community (ECC) offers exciting leadership opportunities through positions on the executive committee and access to specialized courses in leadership development, empowering you to advance in your career and contribute to the future of the profession.

I joined the Early Career Community (ECC) seeking new connections beyond those in my Ph.D. program, and being a part of the community has far exceeded my expectations. ECC offered me opportunities for leadership and volunteer experience that greatly enriched my early professional journey. And best of all, being a part of ECC has been a lot of fun!
Victoria Muir, Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University

Exclusive Technical Content

Available Only to Early Career Community (ECC) Members

  • Networking via AIChE conferences, virtual events, and AIChE Engage
  • Opportunities to meet AIChE leaders and receive help navigating the Institute
  • Curated content through article and webinar technical content bundles and the ECC newsletter
  • Career advancement through professional skills development, competitions, and awards
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities within ECC executive team and subcommittees
Through the ECC, I have had the opportunity to network with industry leaders, gain valuable insights into the field of chemical engineering, and develop crucial leadership and teamwork skills. Additionally, ECC has provided me with a platform to actively contribute to the advancement of our profession.
Hashim Al Hajji, Process Engineer, Aramco
Serving as a leader within the community has been a fulfilling experience as I have been able to collaborate with other young professionals in shaping community programs and mentor undergraduate students through panel discussions at the Annual Student Conference. I am thankful for the invaluable friendships and professional growth opportunities provided to me by AIChE and the ECC.
Juliana Yang, Senior Scientist, FC Renew, LLC

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You can discuss chemical engineering and related topics with other members on AIChE Engage.