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An Engineer's Career is No Longer a Straight Path.

Learners of all ages need to keep pace with evolving skill requirements from college to the workplace. AIChE’s Institute for Learning & Innovation (ILI) provides students and professionals lifelong learning opportunities to innovate through collaboration, practice, and discovery. Learn about how ILI aims to connect learners, educators, and employers.

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With AIChE Career Discovery®, we'll help you to identify aptitudes and skills you’ll need in order to achieve your full potential at various career stages.

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AIChE Academy is the definitive source for engineers to acquire or sharpen their skills with courses and webinars in chemical engineering and related fields.

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AIChE Practice+ provides learners with opportunities to work on real-world challenges through industry internships and competitions.

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AIChE Credential validates your proficiency with potential employers in areas such as process intensification, safety, sustainability and others.

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Discover Your Learning Path

Are you a student who needs practical knowledge? Are you a mid-career professional looking to learn a new skill? Are you interested in making a change? ILI is there to help you every step of the way.


A Changing World

Rapidly changing technology is transforming most market sectors, reshaping businesses, jobs and the skills needed today.

A Lifelong Roadmap

At every juncture within your career, ILI provides you with coursework, career strategies, credentialing and hands-on learning opportunities.

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Whether you’re a professor of chemical engineering looking for process safety education resources or a K-12 teacher looking for modules to supplement your STEM class, ILI can help.

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Partner with AIChE’s Institute for Learning & Innovation (ILI) to provide critical professional development and technical training for your employees.

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2023 AIChE Salary Survey Available for Download

imagesThe 2023 AIChE biennial salary survey was deployed after a time of great disruption for the U.S. workforce. Nevertheless, the results reveal growth in ChE salaries. This year, we covered the Great Resignation and accounted for how factors such as race, in addition to age, gender, education, industry, and geography, affect salaries.

Learners of all ages need to keep pace with evolving skill requirements from college to the workplace. ILI provides students and professionals opportunities to learn and innovate through collaboration, practice and discovery.
Monty Alger, 2020 AIChE President, Director, Institute for Natural Gas Research & Prof of Chemical Engineering,Penn State Univ.

Podcast: 2020 AIChE President on Career Discovery and ILI

Dr. Monty Alger, Dr. John Jordan and Dr. Darrell Velegol are three curators of the Career Discovery method - a practical approach to helping students identify their skills and then match them to real-world marketplace needs.

They discuss what led to the formation of the Career Discovery method, the "skills" market, the lifelong benefits of using this method and how AIChE is supporting their efforts.


CEP’s October issue is dedicated toward helping AIChE members with professional development.