CEP Magazine

Estimating Air Emission Rates

Environmental Management
Marc Karell, P. E.
Stack testing, material balances, emission factors, and engineering equations are the most common methods that can be used to estimate air emissions.

Using Regional Resources Sustainably and Efficiently

Environmental Management
Michael Narodoslawsky, Heriberto Cabezas, Stephan Maier, István Heckl
Use these tools to design and evaluate industrial processes and supply chains that rely on renewable bio- and non-bioresources.

Mitigate Air Pollution with Catalytic Technology

Environmental Management
Kristine Baranski, Bailey Underwood
Catalytic oxidation and catalytic reduction control emissions by chemically transforming pollutants. Learn what equipment is available and how it works to treat exhaust streams from stationary sources.

Reduce Water Consumption through Recycling

Environmental Management
Al Goodman, Allegra K. da Silva
Industrial facilities are increasingly turning to water reuse for a wide range of purposes. This article reviews water-reclamation technologies and explains how to determine whether water reuse is a feasible option for your plant.

Control Boiler Emissions through Work Practices and Energy Management

Environmental Management
James Robinson
The Boiler MACT regulation provides compliance options that include pollution-abatement equipment, work practices, and energy efficiency improvements. An energy management and reporting system (EMRS) can be a part of a plant’s compliance strategy.