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CCPS Projects Accepting Peer Reviewers

Projects listed below are accepting peer reviewers.

CCPS Project Subcommittees consist of at least eight professionals from sponsor manufacturers or users of chemicals, with no more than one representative from each company. Click here to view Roles & Responsibilities of CCPS teams.

If you would like to volunteer for a project or have questions about a project, please contact Anil Gokhale, CCPS Director of Projects at or Louisa Nara, CCPS Technical Director at

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Project 251: Risk Based Process Safety in Pilot Plants and Laboratories

This project will develop and publish a book providing advisory guidance on process safety for laboratories and pilot plants using as a basis the management system elements presented in the 2007 CCPS Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety. The current version of NFPA 45 (2011) clearly draws a distinction between laboratories and pilot plants and focuses only on lab fire protection and provides no detailed guidance on many aspects of process safety. This book will pull together both literature information and company experience, including incident case study examples, to present management...

Project 270: Guidelines for Process Safety in Upstream Industry

This project will include the development of a concept book as well as application(s) or tool(s) for the upstream oil and gas and the shale oil and gas industries.

Project 281: Human Factors for Process Plant Operations

This project will create a guideline that enables Process Safety professionals to build their understanding of human performance topics. This effort will also build on the highlight joint industry documents, tools, and educational offers. The project will expand on the Human Factors Methods for Improving Performance in the Process Industries book.

Project 283: Guidelines for the Revalidation of PHAs, 2nd Ed

This project is an update on the 2001 book, Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses. This second edition will provide improved guidelines for identifying missing or undervalued elements of the prior PHA (such as facility siting, effective consideration of human factors, security, and other elements that were not in use at the time of the first edition’s composition). The book will also guide those developing revalidation protocols to identify improvement opportunities with the use of today’s tools and techniques (e.g. LOPA and layers of protection, identification of passive vs. active, and...