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PSID: Process Safety Incident Database

Last updated September 25, 2020

The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) developed the Process Safety Incident Database to collect, track and share important process safety incidents and experiences among project participants.

The purpose of the CCPS PSID is to pool process safety incident experience among participating companies so they can learn from the experiences of others without suffering the consequences of failures, while minimizing corporate liability.  PSID includes process safety incidents with a potentially important lesson to be learned from incidents that did or could have resulted in a fire, explosion, fatality, multiple injuries, significant release of hazardous materials, or any other unique process safety incident (including near-misses).

PSID is a fully searchable incident database that is accessible on the web and includes more than 700 incidents  and grows each month as PSID member companies enter new and informative incidents.  It can be accessed from any computer anywhere a secure web connection can be obtained.  Hardcopy print outs of incidents are also possible.  PSID is designed so that all PSID member companies can grant as many employees access to PSID as they want and is a very versatile and valuable input for PHAs, incident investigations, lessons learned, and general process safety awareness. PSID is available to non-governmental and non-regulatory CCPS member companies for free.  Each member company has the authority to approve or deny/remove any of their employees’ access to the system.

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