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4th CCPS Global Summit on Process Safety

September 12-13, 2017
Over the past several years Process Safety has taken on increased importance. Today companies large and small, in the traditional process industries and in emerging areas, all put a premium on improving their Process Safety performance. The Call for Abstracts closes on May 31, 2017 . Call for...


Offered in North America, this intensive and highly interactive 4-day course trains chemical engineers in the fundamentals of Process Safety. Taught jointly by process safety veterans with decades of experience at major companies from the process industries.
This course teaches you how to prepare for PHAs, how to ensure compliance with current U.S. regulations related to PHAs, and how to conduct and report PHAs.
Explore the whys and hows of process safety. A great introduction for new hires and refresher for seasoned engineers.

CEP Magazine

Get Creative with Process Safety Management

Paul Baybutt
Creative thinking is a necessary skill in process safety. While most people are born with the capacity for creative thinking, this skill can be lost through formal education and societal pressures that discourage it. Luckily, creative thinking can be learned.

Safely Service Your Relief Devices

Aubry Shackelford, P.E., P.Eng., Jeffrey Heil, P.E., Ian Sergo
Safety risks and economic costs make shutting down a process when a pressure relief device needs to be isolated or removed less than ideal. Several alternative methods are available that will enable you to isolate these devices while continuing to run your process.

Don’t Do This!

Glenn Young, Joel Olener
These are some of the worst process safety management (PSM) practices we have seen. Don’t make these mistakes.