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2019 LyondellBasell Sponsored CCPS Faculty Workshop

January 6-9, 2019

This Faculty Process Safety Workshop, sponsored by LyondellBasell, will show chemical engineering faculty how process safety is put into industrial practice and demonstrate the importance of process safety to the design and operation of a chemical plant.


Offered in North America, this intensive and highly interactive 4-day course trains chemical engineers in the fundamentals of Process Safety. Taught jointly by process safety veterans with decades of experience at major companies from the process industries.

This course teaches you how to prepare for PHAs, how to ensure compliance with current U.S. regulations related to PHAs, and how to conduct and report PHAs.

Explore the whys and hows of process safety. A great introduction for new hires and refresher for seasoned engineers.

CEP Magazine

Use Scare Tactics to Communicate Major Incidents

Renato Prestes, TJ Larkin
Communication that frightens employees triggers more behavior changes than similar messages without the scare factor. Including a fear appeal makes it much less likely that process safety incidents will be repeated.

Safely Unload and Convey Combustible Dusts

Abhi Bhargava
Dust explosions are a major hazard of unloading and conveying operations. Protect your facility from explosions with venting panels, flameless venting systems, and chemical suppression systems.

Ensuring Process Safety in Batch Tolling

Brenda Seggerman, P.E.
Batch tolling facilities can use process safety management techniques to meet regulatory standards and minimize risks.