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CCPS Projects Accepting Volunteers

Projects listed below are accepting new volunteers:

CCPS Project Subcommittees consist of at least eight professionals from sponsor manufacturers or users of chemicals, with no more than one representative from each company. Click here to view Roles & Responsibilities of CCPS teams.

If you would like to volunteer for a project or have questions about a project, please contact Anil Gokhale, Chief Operations Officer, CCPS at

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Project 313: RBPS Implementation Guide

We are seeking RBPS stories to be incorporated into the field guide. Please use the provided template and email your completed form to . All submitted stories will be reviewed by the project chairs and you will be contacted to ensure you agree with the final contents to be included.

Project 321: Spinoffs and Carveouts

The 2010 book on mergers and acquisitions did not fully cover Spinoffs and Carveouts of business divisions into separate new entities. The Process Safety knowledge does not transfer easily in this situation. The product of this project is likely to be a focused Monograph, but may morph into a book volume if necessary. Note: Carve out leads to new owners whereas spinoff is legal divestiture but same owners or stockholders. Volunteer ask : Process safety strength, having first-hand experience in either of the two types of divestitures in focus.

Project 323: Contract Manufacturing

This practice is common in many industries such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals, etc. During a recent incident investigation, the US Chemical Safety Board reviewed the available literature around the world and did not find sufficient up to date guidance on this topic of Contract or Toll manufacturing. We will be updating the 2000 book with a focused monograph that will at a minimum address the deficiencies in the literature identified by CSB. We will also review the latest best practices and include them in the guidance. Volunteer ask : Process safety strength, with contract...