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Process Safety Monographs

Monographs are individual detailed studies of a single topic. When a topic needs such detailed research or compilation of information but does not extend to the level of a full guideline book, CCPS will create and publish monographs on such topics. These monographs may contain thoughtful analysis on recent events, reference to other works including CCPS books, references to external sources, checklists for proposed or recommended actions, and so on.

How Business Financial Decisions Impact Process Safety Performance

This Monograph guides decision-makers with operational responsibility to consider the process safety impact of their decisions.

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Methods to Analyze Loss-of-Containment Scenarios

This monograph provides insight into Analyzing Loss-of-Containment Scenarios that have no practical intervening preventive safeguards. 

Examples include:

  • Premature opening or failure of a relief device 
  • Deterioration of the primary containment system 
  • Imperfections and/or design deficiencies in the primary containment system
  • External forces (natural or human-induced) impacting the containment system

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Effectively Using Metrics to Improve Process Safety Performance

This monograph addresses the selection and use of process safety metrics to drive process safety performance improvement. 

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Human Factors Primer for Front Line Leaders

This monograph provides front line leaders in operating plants with human factors concepts and tools to support their decision-making. It complements and references CCPS/EI Human Factors Handbook.

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2020 Significant Process Safety Incidents

During 2020, CCPS collected information on 64 incidents occurring in 19 countries. CCPS used the Process Safety Metrics Guide to define and determine the severity of incidents and found 17 major incidents among the 64 in 2020. The concept of incident awareness can provide an understanding of today’s trends and help maintain a sense of vulnerability.

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Assessment of and Planning for Natural Hazards

This monograph is an updated edition of a previous pamphlet "Recovery from Natural Disasters" published by CCPS, focused on improved understanding of the impact of natural hazards. It provides several checklists for preparation ahead of meteorological hazards such as hurricanes Katrina and Harvey in the US and many such events across the globe. It covers preparedness from human as well as equipment focus and also addresses recovery in the aftermath.

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CCPS Monographs Addressing Process Safety During the Covid-19 Pandemic

RBPS During COVID-19 & Similar Disruptive Times

This CCPS Monograph provides insights for managing Process Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and other similar crises. It incorporates input from many CCPS member company representatives. It is organized by the RBPS elements and human factors impact is addressed in multiple areas. The top three elements of highest importance are: Process Safety Culture, Asset Integrity & Reliability and Management of Change. Occupational safety and health aspects are not the focus in this document.

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Reflections from Global Process Safety Leaders During and Following Pandemics

This CCPS monograph contains best practices for managing process safety during and following pandemics presented by a select panel of leaders worldwide. 

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Be Smart: Safe Restart

Brief Description: Around the world, many plants were shut down as COVID-19 pandemic spread.  As they are being reopened, extra precautions are needed to guard process safety.  This document highlights some key issues and will provide guidance for additional resources. This document was produced with input and collaboration from several organizations, including CCPS.

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Bow Tie for Understanding COVID-19

Covid-19 is sweeping the globe and there is a lot of guidance on what we should be doing, but this tends to be many words and it is not always obvious why specific guidance has been introduced and what it hopes to achieve. So we have produced a picture which hopefully explains your role in the whole pandemic, a visual aid in the shape of a bowtie.

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CCPS has provided me with a large network of professionals with a goal of safety in the manufacturing of chemicals. CCPS continues to provide learning opportunities that I have used in training others or improving our company’s training offerings. In 2020, CCPS provided free online training for people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. CCPS saw that the benefit of keeping people engaged in learning far outweighed the cost — I was truly touched by this outreach.
Florine Vincik BS, MBA, CSP, CCPSC Process Safety Expert and Certified Safety Professional - Geismar Site EHS - NCG/S, BASF