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Attention: AIChE's Process Engineer Perspective (PEP) Talks will resume in 2023. Please stay tuned for more details.

On January 10, 2023, The Board of Directors of AIChE approved the formation of The Community of Process Engineers (CPE) as a new entity reporting to the Board of Directors. The CPE Bylaws specify that members of the Engage community are now members of the CPE.  In addition, per the Bylaws, the President and Executive Director / CEO approved a list of CPE Managing Board members. Beginning February 3, 2023 through 2025, Deb Grubbe is Vice Chair and Scott Love is Chair of the Managing Board. Murphy Carley was approved as Chair of the CPE Advisory Board on January 10, 2023. A complete list of CPE Advisory Board members will be available soon.

Read the Community of Process Engineers Bylaws

CPE Managing Board Members

Join the Community

AIChE invites you to join a community of process engineers that values good engineering practice to define problems and come up with solutions. Join now and become a voice in a community of process engineering experts that spans and impacts the world.

Process Engineer Perspective Talks (PEP Talks)

AIChE has launched a new series of virtual presentations called Process Engineer Perspective (PEP) Talks — which will feature perspectives of process engineers on topics relevant to other process engineers.  Resuming in 2023, join us every second Thursday of the month to get to know your fellow process engineers. Attendance is free.

Share Your Story

We'd like to profile process engineers, working in a variety of industries. These profiles will be presented on AIChE's blog and on this webpage. Are you interested in volunteering? 

Webinar: Keys to Excellence in the Practice of Process Engineering

Process engineering lies at the heart of many industries and is critical to their success. The chemical engineering classes you took as an undergraduate provided you with the basic tools required to practice process engineering.

Podcast Series on Process Engineers

This series of the Doing a World of Good Podcast, generously underwritten by Scott and Karen Love, focuses on how and why process engineers are at the core of a wide range of industries within the chemical engineering profession. 

The first episode features newly retired process engineers, Beth Ballard and Monica Wilson. Combined they have over 70 years of experience in their respective industries. Listen to the episode below!

Listen to more episodes in the series.