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Scott D. Love Inspired The Creation of this Community

Working with AIChE and its foundation, process engineer Scott D. Love inspired the creation of this community. His generous contribution provided seed funding which enabled the development of this online community and is continuing to support related programs. The goal of the community is to create a home for process engineers, a place to find content related to process engineering, about process engineers, and a future space for collaboration.


Join the Community

AIChE invites you to join a community of process engineers that values good engineering practice to define problems and come up with solutions. Join now and become a voice in a community of process engineering experts that spans and impacts the world.

Process Engineer Perspective Talks (PEP Talks)

AIChE is launching a new series of virtual presentations called Process Engineer Perspective (PEP) Talks — which will feature perspectives of process engineers on topics relevant to other process engineers. Join us every second Thursday of the month to get to know your fellow process engineers. Attendance is free.

Share Your Story

We'd like to profile process engineers, working in a variety of industries. These profiles will be presented on AIChE's blog and on this webpage. Are you interested in volunteering? 

Webinar: Keys to Excellence in the Practice of Process Engineering

Process engineering lies at the heart of many industries and is critical to their success. The chemical engineering classes you took as an undergraduate provided you with the basic tools required to practice process engineering.

Podcast: Process Engineers Beth Ballard and Monica Wilson

Beth spent 40 years in the petrochemical and chemical industries at a number of firms, recently retiring from her position at Ecolab, where she was their Global Supply Chain Vice President of Engineering. Monica spent over 30 years in process engineering, recently retiring from AkzoNobel where she concluded her career.

They discuss why they decided to begin their careers as process engineers, navigating their respective industries as women and minorities, key advice they received that enabled them to succeed, and what's next for them following their long-lived process engineering careers.