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Announcing: The Hydrogen Economy Program

Presented in collaboration with the University of Houston, this program focuses on the challenges and solutions in developing a viable hydrogen economy.

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When applying for a promotion or a new job opportunity, AIChE’s credential programs will help distinguish you from other candidates by showcasing your skills and abilities.


Certification of Competency

Having a certification in process safety, process intensification, or sustainability demonstrates your level of technical skills.

Commitment to the Profession

Certification helps showcase your professionalism, your commitment to the chemical engineering profession, and your enthusiasm for continued learning.

Refinement of Skills

Think you know all there is to know about your area of expertise? Technology is constantly changing! It is important for your career to keep your skills and competencies up-to-date with ever-changing technologies.

Career Advancement

AIChE Credential will help you increase your opportunities for a promotion within your field or help you move to a new field or job opportunity.

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Learn more about our certifications in sustainability, process safety, and process intensification.

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AIChE Practice+ provides learners with opportunities to work on real-world challenges through industry internships and competitions.

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AIChE Academy is the definitive resource for engineers to acquire or sharpen their skills with courses and webinars in chemical engineering and related fields.

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With AIChE Career Discovery®, we'll help you to identify aptitudes and skills you’ll need in order to achieve your full potential at various career stages.

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