Safe Work Practices (SWP) | AIChE

This website and its content are designed to reach, and provide value to, a very broad audience including operations, maintenance and engineering personnel in the process industries (Chemical, petrochemical, electronics, natural gas and others). In addition to appealing to larger, more established member companies, this information has been tailored to also reach both large and small, domestic and international.

Specific notes and potential vulnerabilities are presented, allowing users to personalize safe work practices in order to raise a sense of vulnerability with respect to potential hazards.  It is intended to appeal to management personnel as they attempt to justify the investment within their organization.

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  • Access to Hazardous Areas
  • Electrical Safe Work,
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Radiation Source Handling
  • Temp Isolation of Relief Devices

If you are reading this offline, you may not be reading the latest version. Please check on the CCPS web site for the current release. Please note that some elements of this web page are under construction.

Core Elements for Each Safe Work Practice

Each Safe Work Practice (SWP) will contain information related to the following eight elements.