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For undergraduate students, thanks to our ChESS Sponsors, your fee is paid for! If you are a graduate student, AIChE membership is only $50 a year

Student Membership

For undergraduate students, thanks to our ChESS Sponsors, your fee is paid for!

If you are a graduate student, AIChE membership is only $50 a year.

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Student membership includes:

  • Academy Online Courses (Non-member rates - Grants 1 free code to an online course for member rates)
  • Academy - In-Person Courses (Non-member rates)
  • Limited Access to AIChE Engage

Graduate Students

Become a member

For graduate students attending U.S. and International schools, AIChE offers an annual membership rate of $50. Apply online, renew your graduate membership, OR download a printer-friendly PDF version of the membership application.

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Member Toolbox

Learn more about the tools we offer to make the most out of your membership, personal knowledge and career growth.

The Definitive Resource for Engineering Education

At every stage of your career, AIChE Academy is the definitive resource engineers use to sharpen their professional skills. We offer up-to-date courses and webinars in chemical engineering, process and hydrogen safety, bioengineering, sustainability, professional development, and many more. AIChE members receive discounts on courses and credits to take webinars.

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Engage Online Directory and Networking

Cultivate meaningful professional relationships through AIChE Engage, the mobile-friendly platform where you can connect with other members. Create and build an AIChE member profile and discuss relevant topics.

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Career Discovery

Gain insight into the next step in your engineering career with AIChE Career Discovery. Start with our workshop or get help with building your resume. We offer tools for job search, career coaching, networking, interviewing, and career insights through Career Engineer.

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Knovel eLibrary

Find engineering best practices and enhance foundational knowledge on various engineering topics using the AIChE collection from Knovel® which includes access to over 250 technical handbooks, material property numeric search, interactive chemical engineering equations, extensive chemical property databases, and more. Video support videos and tips are available.

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CEP, Journals, and Books


AIChE Pro Membership offers access to Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP), AIChE's flagship publication. AIChE Pro members can access it in print, online, and our mobile app. AIChE Explorer members get access to one article per month.

Journals, Books, and Newsletters

Enjoy discounts on AIChE’s extensive collection of journals and books, providing an unequaled information resource for chemical engineers in every field. Receive the AIChExchange and AIChE SmartBrief Newsletters in your inbox.

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Divisions, Forums, and Technical Entities:

You'll find unprecedented opportunities to expand your professional networks, gather information, engage your community, and further your development through participation in AIChE's divisions, forums, and other technical entities. All members can join forums. Divisions are open to AIChE Pro members.

Local Sections:

Worldwide, AIChE's grassroots groups provide unique opportunities for leadership, affiliation, personal and professional growth and leadership in your local community. And if you don't have access to one near you, join the Virtual Local Section.

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Services and Discounts

As an AIChE member, you can avail of a family of financial products and services, insurance, discounts on travel, shopping, UPS, Dell Computer, Office Depot, and others. See details below in member insurance options and member discounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the AIChE Pro Member grades?

AIChE Pro members enjoy the exclusive privileges and benefits of AIChE membership and shall also have the privileges of nominating and voting for officers and directors. They shall also have the privileges of holding office and of voting on amendments to this Constitution after 4 years as a member (a 4-year member). Graduate students and early-career professionals purchasing the AIChE Pro Membership also receive Pro Member Benefits. Below are some specific designations of AIChE Pro Membership.

Senior Members

If you are currently a professional member of AIChE, you may want to consider becoming a senior member. Senior members have the privilege of holding office, voting on amendments to the Constitution, nominating and voting for officers and directors. Being a Senior Member is a prerequisite for becoming an AIChE Fellow. A member may, after regular application and election, become a Senior Member.

Contact Customer Service to verify eligibility


Fellow is AIChE's highest grade of membership and is achieved only through election by the AIChE BOD, generally upon recommendation of the AIChE Admissions Committee through whom all nominations for election to Fellow are processed.A senior sember who has satisfied the Fellow Bylaw requirements and has demonstrated significant accomplishments in, and contributions to, the profession may be nominated for consideration to be elected Fellow.

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Are AIChE Pro rates different for recent graduates and graduate students?

Early Career Professionals

AIChE Early Career Professionals - New B.S. Graduates have graduated from an undergraduate institution, new to the working world, can save on their AIChE Pro Membership based on the year they graduated.

  • Graduated within the current year: $25
  • Graduated 1 year ago: $50
  • Graduated 2 years ago: $100
  • Graduated 3 years ago: $150

After 5 years, early-career professionals will pay the regular AIChE Pro Membership rate.

Graduate and PhD Students

Graduate students working on Master's or PhD students, pursuing a career in chemical engineering or related engineering degrees save on Graduate Student membership.

  • Graduate Student $50/yr
  • Post-doctoral Researcher $75/yr


I am an undergraduate student. Where do I find my rates and benefits?

Undergraduate student members enjoy the exclusive privileges and benefits that are common to all classes of membership, but not the privileges of nominating, voting, and holding office. A student member may not retain this class of membership beyond the end of the calendar year in which he or she is last enrolled as a student. Undergraduate students enjoy sponsored membership at no cost thanks to AIChE's ScaleUp program.

Learn about undergraduate membership

If I join AIChE as an Explorer Member, can I upgrade to a Pro Member at a later date?

Yes! If you are an AIChE Explorer Member, you can upgrade to an AIChE Pro Membership by calling our customer service department. Call 800-242-4363 in the U.S. and +1-203-702-7660 outside the US. You can also email

Is it possible to downgrade my membership from AIChE Pro to AIChE Explorer?

No. The AIChE Explorer Membership type is designed for professionals who would like to try out AIChE Membership at a lower rate and reduced benefit levels. Current AIChE Pro Members are not eligible to downgrade their membership to the AIChE Explorer level.