DIERS | Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems

The recent reorganization of the DIERS Users Group within the AIChE has resulted in a change to a Technical Entity called “DIERS”.  The basis for Membership in DIERS has been changed from corporate representation to individual membership.

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2021 DIERS Spring Virtual Meeting

The DIERS 2021 Spring Meeting will use the Microsoft TEAMS (free software) to conduct a three day virtual meeting to cover what you need to know to size emergency pressure relief devices for runaway chemical reactions and two-phase vapor-liquid flows.

DIERS’ Emergency Relief System Design Virtual Courses


Attend this instructor-led virtual, 5-day course for an introduction to pressure relief safety design with DIERS technology. 

DIERS Election

Elections for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and for of the Operating Committee positions were held during December 2020 for positions to be filled in January 2021. The duties of the positions are briefly outlined in the "Learn More" section. Secret ballot voting occured during the period December 1 - 31 using the AIChE ballot system with results announced in January for three year tenures occurring during the period January 2021 - December 2023. 

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