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SAChE Certificate Program - Level One (Basic) Courses

Students must have a strong grasp of fundamentals in order to not only understand but also appreciate why process safety matters to them and to the world. After completion of the four courses below, they will emerge with a strong understanding of why process safety is so important and how it will impact the rest of their courses and career. The time commitment for students to complete the entire Level 1 curriculum is about 8 hours.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of basic process safety concerns in preparation for work in an industrial or commercial environment
  • Appreciation of the importance of process safety and a chemical engineer’s role and obligations
  • Understanding of key terms such as “process safety,” “hazard,” “risk” and “process safety management”
  • Recognition of the main types of process safety hazards
  • Awareness of techniques used to identify and mitigate process safety hazards
  • Awareness of the elements of process safety management, Risk-Based Process Safety and their application to safe chemical plant operation
  • Awareness of accidents that have influenced the understanding of process safety principles and that illustrate process safety concepts

Getting Started

Students who are in their sophomore year and are preparing to apply for internships are the primary target of these courses, which provide a foundation of knowledge that will be crucial to the rest of their training. These courses are designed to be taken in order and can be assigned as part of an introductory chemical engineering course.

Note to Professors on Level One Curriculum

  • Assign level-one courses before students complete their sophomore year
  • May be assigned as part of an “Intro to Chemical Engineering” class
  • It is highly recommended that the four level-one classes are taken in order
  • Level-one courses should be taken before assigning level-two courses, unless students have studied equivalent material in their school curriculum
  • Schools may choose to include these courses as part of their curriculum
  • Schools may choose to elaborate on the course materials in their own courses, although the SAChE curriculum stands on its own