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Electrostatic Ignitions of Fires and Explosions


July, 1997





Tom Pratt, a long-time process safety practitioner and lecturer in electrostatic safety, wrote this book to educate industry in the basics of electrostatics. It offers a selected collection of information designed to give readers the tools they need to examine the hazard potential of common industrial processes. Among the topics addressed are separation and accumulation of charge, discharge, minimum ignition energies, discharge energies, electrification in industrial processes, design and operating criteria, measurements, quantification of electrostatic scenarios. A selection of case histories helps illustrate sources of electrostatic ignition of combustibles, and strategies for preventing such incidents.



Errata sheet for Electrostatic Ignitions of Fires and Explosions

Page 23

  • Figure 2.4,   Change “v” to “Q” for “Charge” and “Discharge”  
  • Next to last paragraph, last line,  Change “Table 2.2” to “Table 2.1” 
Page 34
  • Figure 3.3,  Sparks shown at top of pile should be around the pile at the walls of the silo 
Page 78
  • Table 6.3,  Insert minus sign under “Polyimide” 
Page 112
  • Nomogram 9.1,  First line of text should read “(To convert m/sec to ft/sec ….)” 
Page 114
  • Nomogram 9.3, Vertical Lines “v” and “vd”,  Remove asterisks after numbers  
Page 168 References in last paragraph,  
  • “Equation E2” should be “Equation E1” 
  • “Equation E3” should be “Equation E2”