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CCPS Project Proposal

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If you have selected "Other" Product above, please define
If you selected "Other" Development Approach, please describe
Clearly state purpose and objectives and desired outcomes.
List target audience (e.g., Engineers, Designers, Operators, Maintenance personnel, etc)
Outline expected benefits (e.g., guidelines where none existed previously, consistency in approach, reference materials, tool to help in calculation, etc.)
Describe: (1.) Are there specific areas that should be represented on the committee (i.e., pharma companies, refiners, Asia-Pacific, government agency, etc., or is it open to anyone?) , (2.)Are there key individuals who need to be included on the committee for their unique expertise/perspective?
Please enter estimated time to complete project (may be completed by CCPS Staff)
Estimate cost based on experience (if applicable). This will be used for budgeting purposes
Is CCPS Staff input required for cost estimation?
e.g., from book sales, training / education, e-learning, grants, etc
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