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Keep current with the multitude of resources CCPS  provides—comprehensive Process Safety related conferences, books, online & in-person education, webinars, e-libraries, and more. Browse the list below to access content customized for today’s chemical engineers and related professionals.


CCPS conferences' strong process safety program attracts a diverse, international audience both at the annual Global Congress on Process Safety and the CCPS Latin American Conference and Expo. CCPS also conducts regular Technical Steering Committee meetings.


CCPS is proud to offer over 100 titles to date providing the latest guidelines for all those that produce, store, and handle flammable, explosive and reactive materials. Using the CCPS library, companies can address the full range of process safety challenges.


CCPS Meeting center has important information for the upcoming and past meetings. Please note you must be logged-in using a CCPS member account in order to view the full meeting agenda, minutes, and presentations.

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PSID: Process Safety Incident Database

The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) developed the Process Safety Incident Database to collect, track and share important process safety incidents and experiences among project participants.

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PERD: Process Equipment Reliability Database

The purpose of the PERD database is to provide high quality, valid, and useful data pertaining to the hydrocarbon and chemical process industries.  These data can support equipment availability analysis, reliability and design improvements, maintenance strategies, quantitative risk analysis, and life cycle cost determinations.

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Government Regulations and Resources

Check out CCPS's curated list of regulations and resources related to process safety.

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CCPS offers a wide range of process safety training courses and online courses, including Process Safety Bootcamp, public courses, customized in-house courses, and e-learning.

Technical Presentations

CCPS records keynotes, plenaries, and technical sessions from the Global Congress on Process Safety & Latin American Process Safety Conferences for you to access on-demand.


CCPS periodically conducts webinars to address important Process Safety topics as part of the AIChE Webinar Series. 

Process Safety Metrics

CCPS provides its latest guidance on process safety metrics for leading and lagging indicators to help companies monitor progress and drive improvements in their process safety programs.  This page also provides information supporting this element in the Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) pillar “Learning from Experience.”

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CCPS Process Safety Glossary

CCPS maintains a glossary of definitions related to process safety.

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Process Safety Beacon

The CCPS Process Safety Beacon is a resource aimed at delivering process safety messages to plant operators and other manufacturing personnel. 

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Become a Bidder for CCPS Projects

CCPS is seeking to expand our bidder list for books and other projects and invite companies to indicate interest in receiving solicitations.

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