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Unsure where to start?

ILI created AIChE’s Career Discovery Workshop® in collaboration with a PhD Chemical engineer and corporate veteran who has made multiple career pivots throughout her 30-year career. Get access to tools that will allow you to gain clarity on your optimal job choices and the necessary skills and training required to pivot.

Plus, Career Discovery provides access to coaching, resume building, job listings. We’ll help you figure out where your strengths lie and what to focus on improving.

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Suggested Academy Courses

Check out the featured courses related to computing systems and engineering as well as equity, diversity, and inclusion. Learn more about AIChE Academy.

Professional Development Articles

AIChE's ILI has pulled together articles and blog posts for mid-career professionals.

The CCPS Process Safety Fundamentals Certificate Program (CCPSf) is designed for students, early career professionals, and anyone who intends to build their process safety competency. AIChE also offers credentials in sustainability and process intensification.

Transitioning to a Leadership Role

The skills that make engineers and scientists successful in a technical role are not the same as those required by leadership positions. To be effective leaders, technical experts must expand their skills to manage time efficiently, communicate clearly, and overcome conflict. Read the article from CEP Magazine.

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Learners can go directly to full listings to see opportunities for every area of advancement regardless of what point they are at in their career journey.

AIChE Practice+ provides learners with opportunities to work on real-world challenges and application development through industry internships and competitions.

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AIChE Academy is the definitive resource for engineers to acquire or sharpen their skills with courses and webinars in chemical engineering and related fields.

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AIChE Credential validates your proficiency with potential employers in areas such as process intensification, safety, sustainability, and others.

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