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Biotechnology for Chemical Engineers


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Learn the fundamentals of biotechnology with this course designed for chemical engineers working in  design, operations, or other support functions.

This online course focuses on the methods used to develop cell lines to produce a variety of biological drug products. It begins by presenting an overview of microorganisms, other cells, and identification techniques commonly used. These concepts are then used to introduce the methods used for cell line development, metabolic engineering, and several “omics” tools. The final session focuses on expression and purification of biological drug products; monitoring cell growth and product expression; and fermentation/cell culture.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain how microbes and cells are identified.

  • Identify main categories of biological drugs and how they are produced.

  • Explain methods for cell line development.

  • Identify technologies used to monitor cell growth and product expression.

  • Compare fermentation and cell culture techniques.

Who Should Attend:

Any chemical engineer working in design, operations, or a support function who wants a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of biotechnology processes.

  • Lecture One: Survey of Microorganisms and Cells

  • Lecture Two: Microbial and Cell Identification by Morphology, Physiology and Genome Sequencing

  • Lecture Three: Overview of Biological Drug Products

  • Lecture Four: Basic Genetic Engineering of Microorganisms for Cell Line Development

  • Lecture Five: Metabolic Engineering and Use of “Omics”

  • Lecture Six: Expression and Purification of Biological Drug Products

  • Lecture Seven: Monitoring Cell Growth and Product Expression

  • Lecture Eight: Basic Concepts of Fermentation and Cell Culture

  • Summary

  • Final Exam

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