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A Practical Guide to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Thinking

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This online course provides learners with a basic understanding of life cycle assessment (LCA) as a method for quantifying the environmental impacts of a product or process, and how it can be used for chemical engineers and process intensification work. 

Environmental concerns, regulatory changes and increasing global competition are changing the landscape for the chemical industry at an unprecedented pace. More companies are responding to environmental concerns from different stakeholders in the chemical products industry - governments, customers, industry groups. This course will give an overview of the main method used to track and improve environmental performance for chemical products. 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Understand the LCA, and the role of LCA, and related tools, in the sustainability and environmental evaluation landscape, and the benefits of including LCA in early-stage research and development for MCPI 
  2. Understand the basic steps to perform an LCA study and accompanying practical considerations 
  3. Understand what to expect from and how to properly interpret a complete LCA report


Upper level undergraduate and graduate students, plant and project managers, R&D engineers, and technology managers.

  • Module 1: An overview of the purpose and benefits of LCA
  • Module 2: Outlining the typical steps to perform an LCA study
  • Module 3: Walkthrough an example of LCA report for a process intensification engineering example case study


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