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Body of Knowledge in Sustainability Overview


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Take this online course to understand the concepts and tools that define professional competency in the increasingly important area of sustainability. Learn about the connectivity among society, the economy and the environment as well as the sustainable engineering principles you need for decision-making and problem solving.  Get an overview of the AIChE Institute for Sustainability (IfS) Body of Knowledge in Sustainability and how it applies to you.

Learn from a cadre of sustainability experts as they examine the IfS Body of Knowledge in Sustainability.  See what is required for sustainability competency. Begin with an introduction to sustainability and then move on to environmental stewardship and performance, safety performance/measurement and metrics, and product stewardship. Conclude with an examination of societal impact and ethics, risk assessment and value and supply chain management.

This online course is a foundational aspect of the AIChE Credential for Sustainability Professionals (ASCP). You do not have to be enrolled in the Credential to take the course, though we suggest you consider it. (link)  

  • Understand the sustainable engineering principles needed for effective decision-making and problem solving.  Identify key elements of sustainability competency
  • Learn how to enhance your profile as a sustainability professional 

Any engineer involved in academia, chemical manufacturing, consulting or government, including:

  • Process engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Consulting engineers
  • Environmental engineers

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainability

Module 2: Environmental Stewardship and Performance

Module 3: Safety Performance—Measurement and Metrics

Module 4: Product Stewardship

Module 5: Risk Assessment

Module 6: Societal Impacts

Module 7: Value Chain and Supply Chain Management

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