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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Part 2: How does it impact STEM and Engineering

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This online course is an intermediate review of unconscious bias and its impact to the engineering profession. Learners will review materials from Part I. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Why it Matters in STEM and Engineering. Data on demographics in STEM and engineering is contrasted against the US workforce demographics to illustrate the current state of the profession. Study data from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and others is utilized throughout. 

Key concepts in Unconscious Bias are discussed and techniques for reducing the prevalence and effect of these biases in the profession are studied. The material is supplemented by a series of scenarios where many common biases are analyzed and appropriate remedies are tested. Learners will gain proficiency in identifying, recognizing and mitigating incidences of bias.

Learn more about AIChE's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion efforts.


  • A review of basic equity, diversity and inclusion concepts from Module I.
  • How unconscious biases result in inequities in academia and industry
  • Identify bias in yourself and others and utilize skills to mitigate its impact
  • Describe what is needed to employ conscious change to stop bias and its unwanted consequences
  • Examine actions that can be applied in STEM and Engineering communities to foster inclusive communities


Students, Staff, Faculty

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • A Review of Key Concepts
  • Barriers to Belonging, Retention and Achievement
  • Bias in Academia
  • Solving the Problem
  • Practice Scenarios
  • A Bright Future for STEM
  • Links and Additional Resources


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