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AIChE Career Discovery® Workshop

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This is a career planning workshop for technical professionals just starting their careers, mid-way through their careers, or in the twilight of their careers. This career planning workshop uses the AIChE Career Discovery® approach as part of the AIChE Institute for Learning and Innovation. Workshop participants will discover their current work talents as input to career planning and identify job opportunity gaps as possible career futures that are a fit with work talents and skill interests. Workshop participants will also start the development of a Five Futures career development plan.

Presented by a PhD Chemical engineer and corporate veteran who changed jobs 10 times over 30 years. Changing jobs over the course of a career used to be a choice of the few 30 years ago. Increasingly, changing jobs over the course of a career is a necessity by the many. According to a LinkedIn study, people who graduated between 2006 and 2010 averaged 2.85 jobs in the five years after graduation, compared to 1.6 for people who graduated between 1986 and 2000. Further, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the average employee will work at nearly nine different jobs over the course of their career. This career planning workshop uses a Five Futures Career Discovery approach proven effective in both industrial and academic settings.


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How Attendees Benefit from this Workshop:

Humans are the only species on earth capable of thinking about the future. Just because we have the hardware in our brain to think about the future doesn’t mean we have made the time or developed the software to be able to think about the future in beneficial ways. This workshop provides the proven software to plan ahead for your most fulfilling career in two 2-hour sessions. The workshop facilitator guides attendees through a proven process to identify future career opportunities. Attendees will identify five future careers that are a match with their skills and interests. Attendees will also start the development of a structured plan to vet these five futures and take actions to move towards the most viable and interesting futures.  

  • How do adaptation and flexibility impact your career?
  • Role of networking in adaptability
  • Why behavioral skills are becoming more important than technical skills?
  • The importance of the JOG concept to specialization
  • The relationship of leadership and innovation to passion
  • The relationship between the talent trifecta and Dan Pink’s ABC’s for intrinsic motivation
  • Connection and Workplace Performance
  • Why five futures need to be JOGs
  • How does secondary research improve primary research?
  • What is the process for secondary research and why does it work?
  • Examples of engaging and non-engaging questions
  • Is advocacy a bad word?

This workshop has been designed for college students, graduate students, early career professionals, mid-stage professionals, and professionals nearing retirement who are looking to embark on their career or change their career paths.

Workshop runs from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm ET. For questions, please email

Workshop Outline

Day 1

First 40 minutes: Module 1: Introduction to Career Discovery

  • Why Career Discovery?
  • What is Career Discovery?
  • The Five Futures Framework
  • Feats and Failures Exercise: 25 minutes

Second 40 minutes: Module 2: Job Market is a Skills Market

  • Problems with the Job Market
  • Types of Skills
  • Types of Experiences
  • Skills and Experiences Exercise: 20 minutes

Last 40 minutes: Module 3: Job Opportunity Gaps (JOGs)

  • Trend Tracking
  • Market Opportunities
  • Job Opportunity Gaps (JOGs)
  • Visioning Exercise: 20 minutes

Day 2

First 40 minutes: Module 4: Skills and Your Five Futures

  • Skills and Experiences Inventory Homework
  • Resources for Target Skills
  • Mapping Skills and Experiences to Your Plan
  • Skills for Five Futures Exercise: 25 minutes

Second 40 minutes: Module 5: Secondary Research for Career Discovery

  • What is Secondary Research?
  • Resources for Secondary Research
  • Secondary Research for Five Futures Plan
  • Secondary Research Exercise: 25 minutes

Last 40 minutes: Module 6: Primary Research for Career Discovery

  • Engaging Others
  • Self-Advocacy and Networking
  • Resources for Primary Research
  • Primary Research Exercise: 25 minutes

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