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Particle Technology

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The importance of knowledge of the science of particulate materials (often called particle or powder technology) to the process industries cannot be over-emphasized. Very often, difficulties in the handling or processing powders are ignored or overlooked at the design stage, with the result that powder-related problems are the cause of an inordinate number of production stoppages. However, it has been demonstrated that the application of even a basic understanding of the ways in which powders behave can minimize these processing problems, resulting in less downtime, improvements in quality control and environmental emissions.

This online course is intended as an introduction to particle technology. The topics included have been selected to give coverage of the broad areas of particle technology: particle size analysis packed and fluidized beds, storage and transport (hopper design, pneumatic conveying, standpipes, slurry flow), separation (filtration and gas cyclones), safety (fire and explosion hazards, health hazards). For each of the topics studied, the fundamental science involved is introduced and this is linked, where possible, to industrial practice.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss how to select processes which minimize powder related problems
  • Describe the basic ways in which particles behave
  • Design storage instruments to minimize powder problems
  • Relate single particles and beds of particles in their interaction with fluids
  • Recognize the causes of fires and explosions of fine powders
  • Describe separation techniques like filtration and gas cyclones

Who Should Attend:

The course is designed for engineers and scientists working in process industries where particulate solids are handled and processed, including:

• Pharmaceutical

• Biotechnology

• Oil

• Chemical

• Mineral Processing

• Those new to working with powders

• Those who have experience working with powders and want to solve recurring problems

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