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AIChE’s Leading a Group Through Strategic Planning

In order for you to be able to lead volunteers, or lead other people without positional power, you need to be able to efficiently and effectively solicit their input.

The focus of this course is strategic planning. Strategic planning is needed for important programs that will be implemented in the next year or two. Efficiency and effectiveness in soliciting input from a group of people comes from using a proven group process and practicing good facilitation. Strategic planning enables a group of volunteers to begin work on an important program with the end in mind. In this way, the group of volunteers gains confidence that a high-quality, comprehensive, and future-looking plan for implementing the program has been developed.

This online course presents the key core competencies of effective facilitators, a simple technique for managing conflict in a group, and a step-by-step proven group process for strategic planning.

  • Understand the basic facilitation techniques a leader of volunteers needs to guide a group through strategic planning
  • Learn when and how conflict in a team meeting needs to be addressed
  • Understand a step-by-step process to lead a group of volunteers through strategic planning
  • Executives, Managers, and Leaders of Strategic Projects with responsibilities in product development, supply chain operations, etc.
  • Professionals with 5 to 10 years of business experience or enough experience with the company to understand impacts of internal and external forces
  • Professionals in product development, supply chain operations, manufacturing operations, environmental impact, business & facility management

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