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In support of AIChE’s passion to promote lifelong learning across the profession, our vision goes beyond a laundry list of courses and aims to address learning more holistically—from classroom to boardroom, from learning to doing, from career discovery to skills development. The Institute for Learning & Innovation aims to stimulate collaboration among educators, employers, and learners with the goals of advancing the profession and addressing important societal issues.


Podcast: 2020 AIChE President on Career Discovery and ILI

Dr. Monty Alger, Dr. John Jordan and Dr. Darrell Velegol are three curators of the Career Discovery method - a practical approach to helping students identify their skills and then match them to real-world marketplace needs.

They discuss what led to the formation of the Career Discovery method, the "skills" market, the lifelong benefits of using this method and how AIChE is supporting their efforts.

AIChE’s Institute for Learning and Innovation will bring visibility around what is valued by companies and broader industry to help students both find employment and gain the skills they need in a world of evolving technology.
Erin N. Kane, President and CEO, AdvanSix Inc.
Technology is rapidly transforming most market sectors, reshaping business, jobs and the skills required for today. Learners of all ages need to keep pace with evolving skill requirements from college to the workplace. AIChE’s new institute will provide students and professionals the opportunity to learn and innovate through collaboration, practice and discovery.
Monty Alger, 2020 AIChE President, Director, Institute for Natural Gas Research & Prof of Chemical Engineering,Penn State Univ.

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