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AIChE’s Improving Personal & Professional Creativity


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In order for you to be able to lead volunteers, or lead other people without positional power, you need to build your ability to be creative. Creativity helps you solve problems, both people problems and intellectual problems. Creativity also helps you solve operational problems such as limitations in resources in achieving a needed outcome. Finally, creativity is contagious. When you display creativity with your team, this encourages team members to be creative too which will raise the performance of your team. 

This online course explains the relationship between collaboration and creativity, provides a simple inquiry approach to improve creativity, dispels the three common creativity myths that can be barriers to creativity, presents a neuroscience model for improving creativity, assesses creativity strengths through a science-based model to improve personal creativity, and explains how to improve professional creativity.

  • Understand a model and example group exercises for a leader of volunteers to increase opportunities for creativity
  • Take a creativity assessment based on the research of creativity guru Dr. Keith Sawyer to identify strengths for and opportunities to develop personal creativity
  • Use a maturity model to guide an informed journey towards being recognized for high professional creativity
  • Executives, Managers, and Team Leaders with responsibilities in product development, supply chain operations, etc.
  • Professionals with 0 to 20 years of business experience
  • Professionals in product development, supply chain operations, manufacturing operations, environmental impact, business & facility management

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