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Crystallization Process Development

This online course provides an in-depth overview of an integrative approach for crystallization development – using models to analyze the SLE behavior of the system, validating the model using relevant experimental data, and systematically synthesizing a crystallization process based on the SLE behavior. Starting with fundamental issues such as solubility and physical properties, we will discuss the relevant theories, methods, experimental techniques, and design methods that have been used in many industrial applications for developing an optimum crystallization process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss how to design crystallization processes.
  • Describe experimental techniques and theories for optimizing crystallization processes.
  • Recognize models describing SLE behavior.
  • Calculate solid-liquid equilibrium phase diagrams.
  • Diagram a proper work flow process.

Who Should Attend:

Chemists and engineers engaged in the development of processes or operations that involve crystallization, researchers interested in improving the design method and/or operational performance of their crystallization process, process engineers interested in learning about the logical and systematic approach for synthesizing and developing crystallization processes, as well as managers interested in introducing the latest crystallization process synthesis and development methodologies in their group would find this course useful. The course does not require previous knowledge on crystallization, so it is suitable for everyone regardless of their work experience or affiliation.

Lecture One: Introduction to Crystallization Process Development

Lecture Two: Basics of SLE Behavior and Phase Diagrams

Lecture Three: Thermodynamics-based Conceptual Design of Crystallization Processes

Lecture Four: Synthesis of Crystallization-based Separation Processes

Lecture Five: Crystallization Processes Involving More Complex SLE Behaviors

Lecture Six: Polymorphic Crystallization and Chiral Resolution Process

Lecture Seven: Modeling, Experiments, and Analysis of Experimental Data

Lecture Eight: Design and Scale-up Issues An Overview

Final Exam: Questions

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