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Modeling and Simulation for Process Intensification

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This online course provides learners with a basic understanding of computer-aided process modeling and simulation of various process intensification (PI) technologies and designs. There are four modules in this course.

The first module provides a brief introduction to modeling and simulation approaches that are relevant to PI. The second module describes in detail how modeling and simulation of steady-state reaction, separation, reactive separation and hybrid systems can be performed with examples.

The third module extends to dynamically intensified process systems, and equips the learners with state-of-the-art modeling tools for dynamic process simulation and optimization. The final module discusses special topics in PI, such as model-based process flexibility, safety and operability analysis of intensified process systems.

• Learn how to model, simulate and optimize intensified unit operations through mathematical model equations

• Learn how to develop steady-state models for intensified process systems involving reaction, separation and reactive separation

• Learn how to represent and generate process flowsheets and how to quickly screen the alternatives

• Learn how to develop dynamic models for dynamically intensified processes

• Learn how to design new processes based on dynamic process intensification

• Learn how to use process models for flexibility, safety and operability analysis

Upper level undergraduate and graduate students, plant and project managers, R&D engineers, technology managers

Module 1: Introduction to Modeling and Simulation for Process Intensification

Module 2: Modeling and Simulation of Steady-State Reaction, Separation and Reactive Separation Systems

Module 3: Modeling and Simulation of Dynamically Intensified Processes

Module 4: Model-based Process Operability, Safety and Control Analysis of Intensified Process Systems


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