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It’s Elemental: Acquire a Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential from the Center for Hydrogen Safety.

Safety should be #1 when it comes to the 1st Element.

Reducing risk, liability and exposure is essential to the long-term growth and development of the hydrogen and fuel cell industries. CHS’ Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential demonstrates an employee’s understanding of hydrogen’s properties and best practices for handling it safely. The credential also exemplifies an organization’s preparedness to work safely and underpins stakeholder and public confidence. 

CHS Opportunity

There has never been a more exciting time to work in the hydrogen industry and to be part of building a legacy! CHS is currently seeking a Senior Hydrogen Program Associate to join our team. Learn more about this great opportunity.

FAQs: Hydrogen Safety Credential

Who should apply?

CHS’ Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential is designed for employees whose work exposes them to hydrogen equipment or systems. To earn the credential, the employee completes focused courses and an exam.

Why encourage employees to apply?

CHS’ Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential offers a way for companies to:

  • Validate that employees understand the hazards and work safely
  • Support the continued growth of employees and expand their opportunities
  • Elevate the status, prestige and reputation of credential holders
  • Identify qualified applicants in the hiring process
  • Justify investments in programs, processes, systems or infrastructure as well as professional development activities
How does CHS’s Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential benefit your organization?
  • Build a staff that may require less on-the-job training, is accountable, has a better work ethic and may stay with the organization longer
  • Safeguard the public with credentialed employees who demonstrate a defined level of proficiency
  • Give your organization a competitive advantage as prospective customers decide on their best partner
How long is the credential good for?

The credential is good for 3 years, after which the test must be retaken in order to renew.


What topics are covered in the Hydrogen Safety Credential?

  • Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier
  • Properties and Hazards
  • Safety Planning
  • Facility Design
  • Equipment and Components
  • Liquid Systems
  • Material Compatibility
  • System Operation
  • Inspection & Maintenance

I want to get the Hydrogen Safety Credential. Now what?

Start your Hydrogen Safety Credential today

Credential Pricing Exam Fee/Renewal Fee Retake Fee Packaged Program*
CHS Member $180.00 $80.00 $490.50
CHS Executive Member $120.00 $80.00 $430.50*
CHS University Member $240.00 $80.00 $550.50
All Others $240.00 $80.00 $861.00

Acquire a Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential from the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS)

Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential

Acquire a Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential from the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS)

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