Meticulous Verification

Vision 20/20

What does it mean in 20/20?

  • Companies use various assessment techniques to assure their process safety management systems are working as intended. 
  • It will become standard practice for companies to supplement internal audits with competent third-party verification of their  engineered systems and process safety management systems.
  • Third-party technical experts verify specific technical details.
  • Public and non-governmental organizations evaluate implementation of company process safety programs.

What is the value?

  • Third-party assessments may identify additional opportunities for improvement in company process safety management and can enhance stakeholder relationships.
  • Meticulous Verification supports a partnership to challenge each other to deliver great process safety performance.

What can I do?

  • Identify opportunities where third-party verification could add value.
  • Personally support external verification in your area when it occurs.