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Training Videos

Last updated July 15, 2019

Training Videos

A new feature of the CRW is the inclusion of training videos to help users with some of the more complex features of the CRW. These videos are available offline from within the CRW interface as well as on this webpage.

Clone Utility 

This video describes the process of using the new "cloning" application which allows a user the ability to replicate a compatibility table, rename the table, and edit it by adding/subtracting chemicals from the mixture.

Clone Utility Video 

Data Import 

This video describes in detail the process for transferring user-created data (mixtures and custom chemicals) from CRW 4 to CRW 4.0.3. 

Data Import Video 1 

Data Import Video 2

Export to Excel

This video takes you step-by-step through the process of creating an Excel version of your CRW 4 compatibility chart.

Data Export Video

Data Sharing

This video discusses the various configuration options that are available for sharing CRW 4 data within an organization, including peer-to-peer sharing and a server-client configuration.

Data Sharing Video

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