Guidelines for Consequence Analysis of Chemical Releases

March, 1995

This Guidelines book provides technical information on how to conduct a consequence analysis to satisfy your company's needs and the EPA rules. It covers quantifying the size of a release, dispersion of vapor clouds to an endpoint concentration, outcomes for various types of explosions and fires, and the effect of the release on people and structures.

Special Details: Includes CD-ROM with example problems worked using Excel and Quattro Pro. For use with Windows 95, 98, and NT.

Errata sheet for Guidelines for Consequence Analysis of Chemical Releases


  • Page 58 End of third paragraph from top of page. Reference citation should be “AICHE/CCPS, 1987b, 1991, 1995b” instead of “AICHE, 1987a, 1991, 1995b.”
  • Page 62 Middle of page. The italicized word Evaporation should be bold Evaporation to be consistent with other headings.
  • Page 64 Equation (2.43). m (absolute viscosity) should be replaced by u (kinematic viscosity), in two places.
  • Page 65 First line at top of page. Symbol m (absolute viscosity) should be replaced by symbol u (kinematic viscosity).
  • Page 72 Data for Example 11. Kinematic viscosity is actually for pentane in air, rather than a physical property for air. Value should be listed under “Physical Properties of Liquid.” Numerical answer in example is correct.
  • Page 72 Calculation of Schmidt number at bottom of page. Symbol m (absolute viscosity) should be replaced by symbol u (kinematic viscosity). Numerical answer is correct.
  • Page 80 Stability class under 3-4 m/s wind, plus nighttime conditions, >= 3/8 cloudiness, should be E instead of D.
  • Page 152 Under available computer codes for integrated simulators, “DNV Technica, Temecula, CA” should be “DNV, Houston, TX”, 2 places.
  • Page 156 Figure 3.10. Duration time should be 32.4 msec, not 0.324. due to a units problem in the spreadsheet.
  • Page 180 Calculation at bottom of page. Equal sign is missing after first parenthesis.
  • Page 190 Middle of page. The exponent on the temperature units is missing in the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. The constant is 1.71 x 10-9 BTU/hr ft2 oR4 .
  • Page 214 2nd paragraph under Pool Size, last sentence is missing a period.
  • Page 215 First full sentence. The reference citation “Lees (1984)” should be “Lees (1994).”
  • Page 222  “Point Source Model” - The beam length is determined using the wrong triangle base length. Triangle base length should be 12.5m+50m instead of 25m+50m.  Subsequent calculations uses the result of the incorrect calculation therefore the final calculated thermal flux is also  incorrect. Correct calculation should result with the following: X=65.6m              Fp= 1.85E-5 m^-2 Ta=0.714 Er=8.70kW/m^2
  • Page 287 Baker reference at top of page. The words April 17-21, Atlanta, GA. New York: American Institute of Chemical Engineers should not be italicized.
  • Page 289 Reference to “Crocker, P. W.” should be “Crocker, W. P.”
  • Example 11: Figure 2.22: Kinematic viscosity is for pentane in air and should be listed under “Physical Properties of Liquid.” Numerical answer is correct.
  • Example 21a: Figure 3.10: Units on duration are incorrect, leading to a loss of a factor of 100. Cells H31 through H40 must be multiplied by 100.