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PSID Database Features

Last updated August 25, 2022

 PSID Tutorial: Landing Page, Home Page, and Search Functionality

The above training video was recorded on November 9, 2021 and it discusses the upgraded PSID.

The required fields in the legacy CCPS database are:

  • brief description of incident (text)
  • full description of incident (text)
  • lessons learned (text)
  • changes made (text)
  • country
  • chemicals involved
  • dollar loss
  • type of operation/unit operation
  • phase of operation
  • initiating event
  • type of incident
  • equipment involved
  • inquires, fatalities, off-site consequences (yes/no)

The optional fields for the legacy database are:

  • political subdivision (state, province, county, etc.)
  • year of the incident
  • contributing factors (CCPS elements of Process Safety Management)
  • the number of injuries, fatalities, off-site consequences

PSID Database Management

Process Safety Incident Database is structured as follows:

  • A steering committee reviews the database in conjunction with CCPS staff.
  • A database administrator manages the database

Confidentiality Agreements between CCPS and each participating company are required and include provisions for strict confidentiality.