CCPS Pharma, Food, and Fine Chemicals Meeting, May 2022 | AIChE

Join us on May 10th, 2022 @ 10:00 EST

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Invited Speaker and Presentation Topic: 

Overview of Legal and Regulatory Hierarchy: Regulations, Codes, Standards, and Corporate Documents

 Presented by: Peter N. Lodal, PE, CCPSC, Principal D&H Process Safety 

This presentation is a general overview of legal, regulatory, and related practices that influence process safety management.  It does NOT constitute legal advice.  For specific situations, consult an attorney. Categories covered are in approximate order of legal strength (i.e., ability to cite, fine, and prosecute a company or individuals within a company).

The emphasis of this presentation is on US regulation but has general applicability worldwide.  Japan, China, the EU, and other jurisdictions and regions may have different interpretations of what is applicable in their localities. 

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For more information contact: Gary Amideneau, CCPS Staff Liaison (530) 646-7649 

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