2023 Global Conference on Process Safety and Big Data | AIChE

The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) jointly host the 8th Edition of the Conference on Process Safety and Big Data in person at DECHEMA-House in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Presenter's Guide and Deadlines

Conference Call for Abstracts Topics

  • Business Cases for Digitalization

  • Practical Examples/Case Studies

  • Impact of Digitalisation on Cybersecurity

  • Big Data Analytics for Process Safety

  • Data Pre-Processing

  • Data Lakes / Intelligent Dashboards / KPIs

  • Standards and Methods

  • Augmented/Virtual reality

  • Predictive Models and Tools for Maintenance and Asset Integrity

  • Drones/UAVs and Robotics in Support of Safety

  • Tools to Avoid Human Errors

  • Use of large language models and NLP in improving process safety

  • Barrier Health Monitoring/Dynamic Risk

  • Permit to Work (Digitalization, Big Data)

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The proceedings of 2023 Global Conference on Process Safety and Big Data are now available